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This occurred a few years ago granted but I came to Linux to protect myself from Windows data mining and a more efficient running OS and surprised to hear this transpired recently. Are all Linux Mint distributions free of this activity?

How to disable the built-in “spyware” in Ubuntu 14.04

What about the installed apps? Thank you. Last edited by tweetybird on Tue Oct 02, pm, edited 3 times in total. Contact Pjotr. As has been explained to you.

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Do worry however, worry a lot, about the settings of your web browsers. Most of them have default settings for privacy and tracking that are plain horrible. Tip: 10 things to do after installing Linux Mint Contact Moem.

Ubuntu Spyware: What to Do?

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Those statements are in disagreement, if only because the second one states that tracking within Linux-based OSses can differ a lot, so how can all of it be the same as tracking on Windows? Nevertheless, it seems that we are mostly in agreement: tracking on Linux differs a lot from tracking on Windows, when we look at tracking from the OS itself. When we look at tracking through applications, it depends on those applications and not on the OS.

Chrome on Linux will track you just the same as Chrome on Windows. If that's what you meant, then we do agree. Last edited by gm10 on Tue Oct 02, am, edited 1 time in total. It's my understanding Is that correct? You can buy laptops pre-loaded with Ubuntu, pre-prepared devices are loaned to siblings, and so on.

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And that, folks, is it. No user name, no IP address, no locale, no list of software or drivers I had enabled.

Is Deepin Linux spying on you ? History and Spyware Controversy

After all, by learning more about the hardware and systems we all Ubuntu developers can, in theory, prioritise fixes, support and development accordingly. Will you take part in this Ubuntu system diagnostic reporting?

Ubuntu 'Spyware' Will Be Disabled In Ubuntu LTS

Let us and other readers know in the comments below. Tweet Share 0 You use Ubuntu, right? Ubuntu Data Collection in

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