But sometimes, some type of metals depending on their length, material, temperature may exhibit same magnetic activity as that of camera. In that case app may beep.

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If so always look for lens on the suspect if app beeps. What do I do if it beeps near metal - Check if there is any lens on the suspect. If not, then you are secure.

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What is the use of this app, if I have to detect manually App analyses magnetic activity and warn you if it find magnetic activity similar to camera. So if app beeps, check for lens. App will help you many times and may also fail sometimes and there it needs your intervention.

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Infrared detector is just a fancy green tool of normal camera. Normal camera can also detect infrared You are partially-correct. Along with this, infrared detector have luminescence effect to glow white light. If you feel better with normal camera, go for it.

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We never claimed something false. But please give credit to the app if you never knew IR camera can be detected using digicam.

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And off course, its a quick scanning feature within the app. App does not open Infrared camera detector. It shows not responding Please kill all other camera apps that are running in background. Bug detector, spy cam detector, finder, device detector,electronics detector. Reviews Review Policy. Detect hidden spy camera's - in new release, 1. Magnetic sensor accuracy improved.

Hidden Camera In Samsung Galaxy

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The fact is, you just need to place this spy camera in the suitable position. Then you can get the first poker winner, second poker winner and other poker hand statistics in advance.

How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone

However, how to charge this kind of Samsung spy camera when it is out of power? You just need to connect the black wire of charge to the left mini hole of Samsung poker scanning system. E-Mail Sitemap.

If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly. Detailed Product Description. Tag: Poker Cheat tools , poker card reader.