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Remind asked Verizon to drop the fee for texts sent through Remind's free service and charge it only for texts sent through Remind's paid service, Grey told Ars. Remind sends 1. Remind sends these messages through Twilio , which offers a platform for bulk texting, Verizon said. Twilio sends more than 4. Technically, Verizon is charging the new fee to Twilio and Twilio is passing it on to Remind, Grey said.

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Remind has been paying Twilio to deliver text messages since , he said. Remind said that similar fees are being charged by Canadian carriers Rogers and Bell but not by any US carriers other than Verizon. Grey said that more than half of Remind's users rely on text-messaging notifications, even though the service also works with email and the mobile app. Text notifications are especially important for Remind users who have mobile phones but not smartphones or who lack home Internet access, he said.

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Remind urged its users to complain to Verizon, and the carrier has been receiving numerous tweets from angry Remind users. Grey said Remind is used for "anything and everything" related to schools, including messages related to homework assignments, field trips, bus delays, and school closures. Verizon, which touts its commitment to education , defended the new fee. Such fees are "intended to share costs incurred to help protect students, parents, and teachers from spam and dangerous text messages over the Verizon network, while reducing fraud," Verizon said in a statement to Ars.

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Verizon said the "very small fee will be charged only to major text-messaging aggregation companies such as Remind and Twilio—and not schools, parents, or students. Verizon noted that the fees aren't charged directly to students, parents, or schools. The company said that "If anybody claims you need to pay a text message fee to Verizon, they're not telling the truth. But Remind didn't claim that its users have to pay a new text message fee to Verizon. As we noted earlier, Remind said that it has to stop its free texting service on Verizon because of the new fee that Remind must pay.

Verizon's statement seems to indicate the companies are still negotiating. Gray said that he's still hopeful that Verizon will reverse the fee before Remind has to cut off free texts to Verizon customers. But so far, Remind's requests to drop the fee, at least for free users, seems to have "fallen on deaf ears," he said.

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We asked Twilio if the new Verizon fee is affecting other Twilio customers and will update this story if we get a response. Verizon has been charging similar fees since at least , when it introduced 3-cent fees for each message delivered to its customers, on top of the fees that Verizon's customers pay for their text messaging service. Verizon's mobile phone plans generally come with unlimited texting. Here XySpy app will definitely help you; it will provide the ability by which you can monitor all the activities of the target phone.

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Verizon charges new “spam” fee for texts sent from teachers to students

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